Thursday, March 22, 2018

Project Thoughts and the End of Sharing

          When this project started, I thought I stumbled onto something neat and unique. I still maintain that initial light bulb moment and passion for the project today but only on a personal level. I've come to the conclusion that the web is just too full of information and distractions for others to digest, at least this is what I'm telling myself. It seems, if I'm correct, that there is too much sensationalism and negativity that seem to drown out any good news or unique and creative work. I guess this is partly the consequence for having free blog services for everyone. To me, sharing my work publicly is a very personal choice I've wrestled with since I started photography. It's not easy to allow myself to share with others. Although photography has been rewarding to me personally, I freely admit that one can feel pretty empty after you finally muster up enough courage to share it with others, without any reaction or verbal support from the public (I'm not including friends or family here). Life is short, and time is more valuable than any of us tend to comprehend on a consistent basis. Time isn't a resource we can rely on, it's a gift. You can't count on gifts. Therefore, I've decided to shift my efforts to projects that don't involve sharing online. My time is just as valuable as your time, and if my work isn't making the most of your time, I'd rather not steal those precious moments from you by feeling I'm forcing my work in front of you. I appreciate, more than you will ever know, all the support I received from those of you I know who truly care. This response is necessary, for the lack of even a single written response to any of my images really tells me everything I need to know about where the public's mindset is. I'm grateful that I had the opportunity to try and share my ideas with everyone.


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  1. FYI - Sorry you gave up after a month. But in 2018, getting commenters and engagement with a website is a multi-year endeavor. If you want to learn more from a 15-year blogger, I'll share. Just comment or figure out a way to get in touch with me via email. I love your sensibility - but something has happened to the internet, specifically in regards to independent bloggers. It's harder than ever to make waves this way. Not saying it's impossible - but an entirely different, and more difficult approach is required.